Paratha Roti Recipe And Ingredients

Paratha Roti Recipe And Ingredients

Paratha is one of the most popular and widely liked breads in the world. They are also known as Indian bread because of their close relatedness to the Indian subcontinent. A paratha is also a thin flatbread with a rich brown color that is prepared by baking the dough. A paratha can be made from any type of flour that is suitable for the purpose. Indian paratha has a long history. They have been used not only in India but also in some other parts of Asia and Middle East.



It was developed in ancient India, where they used a simple yet nutritious and delicious dough. These were moist and spongy. The ingredients of paratha consist of oats, semolina, grated coconut, dates and raisins. The ingredients were combined and then kneaded in a rough circular shape so that they remain soft. After this the dough was baked in a paratha pan which was then quickly inverted on a low rack or stove.

In order to make more paratha, the required ingredients can be doubled. This way the quantity of ingredients would increase giving an even and fluffier paratha. To make better paratha, use polished dry paratha instead of the maltose. The flour that is used for preparing the dough should be fine but slightly brown in color. Other than this, all other flower types could be used to make paratha.

Another version of paratha that has gained popularity over the years is the roti paratha. Rotis are thin flat discs of wheat flour that are used to make the foundation of the paratha. The purpose behind having a thin disk of wheat flour is to make it easier for the dough to rise. After baking the paratha, the Ka Paratha is ready to serve.

Flatbreads are prepared with Indian spices and are eaten while being cooked. They are cooked with a lot of spices like cumin, turmeric, cinnamon and the like. Flatbreads are very popular in northern India as well as the subcontinent. Flatbreads can also be called Patisseries and are very popular all over the world. There are many different kinds of flatbreads that are available and include the famous Patisserie, Panini, Reheating flatbread, stuffed flatbread, etc.

With the passage of time, the method of making paratha has also changed. The traditional method of making paratha was to mix wheat flour, water and spices together and let it rest for some hours in a paratha form pan. This was then rolled into tight cakes and baked in an oven. However, with the evolution of the modern civilization, new methods have been invented and now the basic ingredients of making a paratha is to mix the dry wheat flour with warm milk and add a pinch of turmeric powder and let it rest for few hours.

The same basic recipe of paratha is made into two different types of dough. The first type of paratha is the so called aloo paratha, which is made from whole wheat dough. The other one is the ugly paratha, which is made from whole wheat and is stuffed with filling. Both the dough is rolled into discs and then cut into several pieces. The stuffing can be any kind of meat, mutton, chicken, lamb or even fowl.

After the paratha is made, you can make a delicious and sumptuous snack by grating it finely and spreading a layer of ghee on top. Grating the paratha fine and spreading a layer of ghee is what makes the paratha crispy. The paratha can be easily made without using any complicated methods. You just have to follow these few simple steps and you’ll have yourself a mouth watering and sumptuous ghee filled paratha within no time at all.

Our recipe to make a delicious partha

Ingredients for Paratha:

* Wheat Flour (Atta) – 1/2 Kg
* Oil/Ghee/butter – 1/2 cup
* Water – As required
* Salt to taste

Method for Paratha:

* Mix flour salt & Required water to make a dough consistency.
* Rub oil over & knead it soft and let it rest for 1/2 an hour.
* With a help of a rolling pin take a lemon sized dough .
* Roll it to a small round & apply some butter/ghee to it.
* Fold into two and again fold the same way.
* Start rolling to form a either square or triangle shape.
* Heat Tawa, add the paratha & let it cook for a minute.
* When it looks little brown from below turn it & add a small tsp of oil around the paratha.
* Grease the paratha from both the sides .
* Enjoy hot Paratha with any vegetable curry.

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