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Gajar ka halwa with khoya recipe and its ingredients


Our recipe of Gajar Halwa

Ingredients for Gajar Halwa:

* Grated carrot – 1kg
* Milk – 1litre
* Khoya – 1/4 Kg
* Sugar – 2 cup
* Ghee – 2 4 tablespoon
* Almond – 2 tablespoon
* Cashewnuts – 3 tablespoon
* Raisin – 2 tablespoon
* White melon seeds – 1 tablespoon
* Cardamom powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Method Gajar Halwa:

* Put milk and rated carrots in a heavy base kadhai and bring it to boil.
* Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until all the milk gets dried up.
* Add sugar, cardamom powder, almonds , cashewnuts , raisins , melon seeds and stir continuously for 10 minutes.
* Add ghee and khoya, stir well and fry on low heat until ghee starts separating.
* Garnish with almonds, cashewnuts and silver verk (leaf) and enjoy hot Gajjar Halwa.


Gajar Halwa is an authentic sweet made out of black and white betty, which has a pleasant fruity flavor, and a pleasant aroma. It was originally created in the state of Rajasthan, in the foothills of the great Himalayas, by a local woman called Kajara Yashida. Gajar Hala is one of the popular ingredients of Mawa (Manipuri), a sweet made out of black berry fruit, green leafy vegetables and dry fruits, which is commonly consumed during meals and snacks. This dessert is enjoyed all over the Indian states of Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi, and is one of the most popular desserts in Pakistan too.

Today, it can be made easily at home by anyone, even if you are not well versed with the ingredients and methods. The basic recipe for making gajar halwa is almost the same, but there are a few minor variations which make it tastier and more mouthwatering. Here we will discuss these minor changes which help make it easier for the amateur cooks to make it at home

To make gajar halwa, a traditional recipe calls for a pan to be filled with hot water with a pinch of salt, a piece of gear, some sugar, and cardamom seeds. The gajar halwa should be prepared in this pan for around 5 minutes or more. It is better to stir constantly so that the ingredients do not stick to each other. If your pan does not have an instant pot, you can use the wooden spoon to stir your ingredients. Cook the gajar halwa in the pan until it begins to boil and then remove it from the heat.

To prepare carrot halwa, the recipe requires the same ingredients except that gajar ka halwa hot liquid is added to it. Instead of using the hot liquids, this preparation uses the cool or cold ones like sugar or honey. While you are preparing the carrot halwa, it is advisable to keep the ingredients separated, so that the mixture does not solidify. To serve the gajar ka halwa hot liquid, it is preferable to keep it in small portions so that guests do not feel hungry while enjoying dessert.

However, it is important to use ghee for cooking the gajar halwa and to add milk solids at the end of the preparation. The ghee should be heated before adding milk solids, so that it melts and gives you a smooth consistency in the pan. Add the ghee to the pan and stir it well. Once the ghee is heated, it should be cooled down. Then add the radar along with the cooked ghee.

Use a bamboo mat to prevent the gajar halwa from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Once the carrots are partially done, use a rubber or wooden spoon to stir the mixture. Cook the mix till its carrot juice starts to appear on the surface. It is advisable to stir the mixture so that the carrots are not overcooked. If you wish to add more milk, just take another small spoon and beat in the remaining sugar into the mix. Remove the ghee from the pan and serve the carrots on a plate with the mixture.

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